Dear New Fat Girl at the Gym

Yes, you,

The one in the corner on the treadmill staring straight ahead with your earbuds in hoping that no one sees you.

I see you. 

I know how hard you are trying to get your sweat on and disappear in the corner. I know how hard it was to walk in those doors the first time you walked in, you may have even cried.

I did.

You may be sure that everyone is watching you, You may feel you don’t belong there. You may think that  you look ridiculous on that machine. You know you are the slowest person there.

I was sure of it, too.

You are scared to try a group class.  You are sure you are too slow, too awkward, and that you can’t keep up

I was scared, too.

You may think the locker room is a special kind of hell.  The towels may not fit all the way around you.  You are trying to figure out how to get undressed without having it all hang out all over the place. You are sure everyone else is looking at you, disgusted and it’s almost not worth showering when everyone else looks so normal.

I felt the same way.  And I have something to tell you.  


GO FOR IT GIRL!  Don’t listen to those voices, no matter how loud it chatters in your head. Be PROUD  that you took that first step into the gym and  be SO SO proud of the time you spend on those machines!  Definitely go to a class- and just DO WHAT YOU CAN DO!  Do not think you have to keep up- go your own pace and modify so that it works for you.  Your sweat was EARNED-  wrap two towels around yourself and shower it off!

I once felt exactly how you do.  I was, and often still am the biggest one in the gym.  But I am  much smaller than I was.  I was scared to death. I was embarrassed, and intimated and seriously wanted to puke the first week at my gym.  I went to spinning class, and I cried.  I tried the machine, and I braved the FIRST FLOOR and I made to through and found out that I needed to just TRUST in me and ask for help. There is someone there  to answer your question and inspire you at your gym. And if there is not, find another gym. Find a video. Ask a friend. Ask me. But KEEP GOING.

You GOT this.  You DO!

Remember this:  EVERYONE has to start somewhere. EVERYONE is new once, and before you know it you will know the faces in the gym and you’ll have “your locker” and “your shower stall’ and   you will look forward to  going to the gym. (most of the time). And you won’t be the new fat girl at the gym, or even the new girl at the gym, but  someone who works out at the gym.

Good luck!  You can do it!


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