Dear Diabetes- Leave My Eyes Alone


You and I need to come to an understanding.   This weeks long headache of blurred vision needs to end.   I’ve done everything right- I  lowered my blood glucose levels from fasting 320 to fasting 130ish,  I’m eating well, moving more, testing more, educating myself, basically getting this under control . The thing is, I  NEED A BREAK.

I’m having a hard time working. I can’t really read my phone, the computer is hard, books nearly impossible, and even TV blurry. I can’t see at all without my glasses so putting on makeup is a real pain- at least I have a teen to do my eyeliner for me.  At first, this blurriness scared the crap out of me.  My Aunt Fran lost her vision (amongst other things) due to Diabetes, and of course that’s the first thing I thought of. So, I did the right thing and went straight to the Ophthalmologist, and had my eyes thoroughly checked out.  See?


Yup, That’s my eyeball, or part of it, and the optic nerve.  Pretty cool, huh?   That photo shows that my eyes are unscathed by diabetes, Thank God. Diabetes can really mess up a person’s eyes. Diabetics are more likely to get cataract, glaucoma. and Diabetic retinopathy. I don’;t have any of these.  From what I’ve been told, my blurriness is caused by the rapid drop in glucose levels, and my capillaries need time to get used to the changes. According to a great Diabetes Blog,  Lizzie’s Diabetic Lounge, this is quite common. Fluid in the eyes builds when the BS numbers are high and this causes pressure to build also. The body has adapted to the high numbers, but when they start to lower the body must once again adapt. It can be very frightening. In most cases the eyes will go back to normal in a few weeks after gaining good control and lower numbers. Dropping my levels by over 150 points DID mess with my glasses. My prescription completely changed.  I got new glasses  and paid HUNDREDS of dollars extra because I needed to see and I couldn’t wait 7-10 business days. And my Ophthalmologist says they’ll change again in 2 weeks.  Lovely.

So, Diabetes, If they are going to change again, can we just agree for this to be it for now?  The headaches that I’m having from trying to focus all day long really hurt. They’re making me cranky. And The Walking Dead is starting again soon. I need to be able to see my Zombies, And Darryl. yes, um, Darryl. I’ll keep to my end of the bargain and do all the right things and you do me a solid and  leave my eyes alone, ok?



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