Day 7 Mental Health Challenge

Today is Day 7 of the 30 Day Mental Health Challenge. Hooray!  It’s been a week!   let’s celebrate with something beautiful and happy, not just for the Challenge, but that you’re taking time to work on things that are all about yourself!  Today is a fun challenge!

30 Day Mental Health Challenge: Day 7

Buy Yourself Flowers

There is something about having flowers on your desk that is cheerful and happy!   My favorite flower is a peony, and they are out of season,  so I’ll just go to the flower shop and let them help me.  I do love deep red roses, and have you seen the new purple roses?   The only problem with roses is that they don’t seem to last so long.   Carnations are another favorite, with their spicy scent and of course, pansies have the sweetest little faces.  It’s fall, and I love fall colors, I am sure I’m going to find something PERFECT!   I’m thinking something that fits into my purple office, and makes me smile.

In fact, Psychology Today tell us that flowers do, in fact make us happy. They help us release  the happy hormones!   I, personally think the bright happy colors and lovely smells lifts my spirits everyday.  Usually we get flowers from other people, so when we give OURSELVES flowers, we are telling ourselves that we value us, and think that we deserve these good things.   Is shouldn’t be a Mental Heath  Challenge to remember  that that WE are worthy of showing ourselves love.   Flowers are the language of love!

What are your favorite flowers?   I ho[e that you  are able to head to your local florist or even grocery store and pick the perfect posy to make your spirits soar!   If you can’t hit p a flower shop, take a walk and find some wildflowers, or pretty fall leaves would be amazing in a  vase, too!   Go show YOURSELF the love!

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