Day 6 Mental Health Challenge

Today Mental Health Challenge is something that really causes me a lot of stress!  every day I log into my email to find HUNDREDS of emails cluttering up not only my mailbox, but also my mind!  I an’t be the only person  who feels like they have to skim all of them to be sure that I’m not missing anything, right?   Today, we can start making strides in  getting rid of a some of that stress!

 30 Day Mental Health Challenge

Day 6- Unsubscribe from unwanted e-mails

I have actually missed opportunities  from cluttered email boxes, and it stinks!   So many times you want to get information from a website, or maybe you want to enter a contest,and you have to “enter your email” address to be able to do what you have to do. I get it, i do, they are growing their email list.  Here’s the thing, though, What good does it do to anyone if you  decide their emails aren’t for you? Nothing!  So, do not feel guilty at all, but scroll down to the bottom of the email and hit the” unsubscribe” button.

To make this part of the Mental Health Challenge,  I’m going to give you some tips!   You can use a service, like Mailstrom, to help you  clean up your mailboxes.  I’m not  sponsored by them at all, but I have used their serviceand I love it!   I am sure there are other services out there, but I love Mailstom  because I can clean out my mailbox, unsubscribe, and organize my mailbox.  There is nothing more satisfying than a nicely organized mailbox where you can find everything!  Getting my gmail page to ONE page gives me such a thrill!

In case you haven’t noticed a theme yet, a big part of the Mental Health Challenge is simplifying and making things cleaner and easier.  )It’s not all about housework! I promise, but when you  are comfortable in your space, be it physical, or online, then you are able to relax and focus more on yourself. THAT is  the best part of the Challenge!


Hope your didn’t miss Day 5’s Challenge – Read it here! 

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