Day 4 Mental Heath Challenge

This is one of my all-time favorites in the Mental Health Challenge. I especially love it because  it’s been mild weather here in the Northeast, and the fall foliage is STUNNING.   The outside looks as if it hs been painted by a Master. It’s just cool enough to make a sweatshirt a good idea, but not cold enough for a coat.   It’s pretty much a perfect day.

Day 4 Mental Health Challenge

Take a Walk Outside

There is something feeling about  putting on sneakers and walking  outside.  Hopefully, the weather is nice where you are, but   you know what?  The weather doesn’t have to be NICE to  have a good walk.  Some of my favorite times are walking in the rain.  Its kind of like a cleansing.  I live on a VERY dark street in rural Connecticut,  so while walking at night ins’t one of my favorite things to do, (I admit it, I’m scared!) the fact that we have a new puppy means when she needs a walk, she needs one.  Of course, when I go late at night, I usually bring my 6’1″ strapping teen son with me and a BIG flashlight.  You know what?  Then I start enjoying those dark walks because it seems to be easier for both him and I to open up and talk about things.  There is something to be said about feeling as if it’s just the two of you, connecting in the dark.   I’ve been doing this walking thing way before we started the Mental Health Challenge, and it’s become something that means a lot to both of us.  I can usually tell when my son is stewing over something when he comes to me and asks to go out on a walk.

Walking by yourself is nice, and can be wonderful for getting your head cleared out.  Sometimes just the steady  march or steps, and time with the wind  flowing over you helps clear out the cobwebs and whatever else is cluttering up your mind.  There’s  also nothing wrong with walking with someone else.  Oftentimes they are great sounding boards to get things out in the open and  starting conversations.  Of course, there is the obvious getting the exercise in  that is a huge boost, too.   It doesn’t have to be a long walk, either.  Studies show that even starting with short walks boosts your brain power, including your mood.

Don’t save this one tip for a single use.  Try giving walking a few shots.  I think you’ll notice a big difference!


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