Curlee Gurlee: The One Book Every Little Girl Should Get For The Holidays

Oh, how I wish I had  copy of Curlee Gurlee when my daughter was little!  We always want what we don’t have, right?  I have always had fine, thin, stick straight hair that I would torment with  curlers, hot irons and perms all to no avail.  Oh, how I envied those with curly locks!

I rejoiced when my daughter’s hair came in thick, full, and CURLY.   She grew quite a mop of gorgeous hair and I loved everything about it.   She did, too, until she didn’t.  You see, all the other girls had long, shiny straight hair.  So of course, she wanted what they had. Out came the straight irons and the begging for Brazilian Keratin treatments.  She wanted to be like the other girls, and she wasn’t. Not jut her hair, but so many things.  My girl had developed some serious thyroid issues that caused her to gain a significant amount of weight, and she was already tall. What I didn’t know was that she was already beginning to dislike herself. Even in elementary school, she had somehow come up with the idea that she wasn’t like the other girls, so she wasn’t any good.

Credit: Atara Twersky

Kinda like the heroine in Curlee Gurlee. Curlee Gurlee is about a girl who hates her curls, at first, but learns to feel confident about her hair by the end of the story.

“Curlee Girlee’s hair makes her mad!  She wants it to grow down her back like spagetti, not sideways and all curly-whirly.  Curlee Girlee wants to look like everybody else- and she’ll try anything to solve her problem. Then one day she discovers that her curly hair is perfect just the way it is!  Curlee Girlee doesn’t need to look like everyone else to be beautiful.”


I love the message of this book- that which makes us different is actually what makes us unique and special.  It’s a message that every girl needs to hear.  I personally love giving books for the Holidays, and I think that this book is one that should be in every little girls stocking!  You’ll be giving more than just a book. you’ll be sharing the message that they do not need to be like one in the crowd to fit in, to embrace what is different bout themselves and  stands out!



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