Crazy Times.


I’m here.  I . am. here.   Its been a crazy few weeks. There have been some  awesome things, some not so awesome things, and stuff coming up


My daughter, Ally writes a blog,  She writes about bullying, and her life. Someone she loves tried to kill herself. Ally spoke to her, and  the girl told her, “There  was nothing else I could do, but die.”.  Ally made a video sharing her ENTIRE story, talking about her feelings of wanting to die at age 13, and how she knows now IT GETS BETTER! She wanted to share her story to hopefully give others hope.  It went kinda viral, and articles were written in Babble, USA Today, CNN and a bunch of blogs.  Since I handle the back end of her blog, and vet all her blog correspondence, it was a CRAZY time.  She even had a TV interview that was shown Sweden!  And  it was filmed in the middle of a twitter chat.


Right in the middle of all this,my husband had a health scare.  He has a heart condition called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy which had him visiting his cardiologist  every 3 months. He had a stress test which showed significant decreased blood flow to his heart. SO- he had to go in for a cardiac catheterization , angioplasty, and  ended up having 2 stents put in to clear over 80 blockages.


This week, I go for a colonoscopy. To be honest, even though I think I’m fine, I have  a high family instance of colon cancer, and having had cancer twice before, I’m a wreck

Like I said, it’s been crazy.

BUT,  there are so many blessings in the middle of it all!

Ally is getting her word out,and based on the comments and emails she’s gotten,  She’s making a real difference.  Dave is doing fine and he was up and driving just DAYS after having  someone mess with his heart.  I’ll have the screening I need and  then I can rest knowing all is well.

Plus, Dave’s said in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that he needs to lose weight and take his health seriously, so we all are.  We’re signing him up for a cardiac rehab, and the whole family is getting on board. Im back to clean eating and trying to get moving.

I have more to say, but it’s Election Day, the kids are off, and in quest to get moving- Aedan and I going to go vote, then out for a walk.


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