4 Common Nutrient Deficiencies You Don’t Hear About

These days you hear a lot about things in today’s diet-  extra sugar, salt,  saturated fats and more.  Yes, these things are true, but there are also a lot of deficiencies that we don’t hear enough about!   Here are  5 common  nutrient deficiencies that you  don’t hear about, but you should know!  


  1. Vitamin D: a lack of Vitamin D compromises bone health, may lead to bouts of depression, fatigue and more – and since so many of us spend  a lot of time indoor and less time int he sun (and absorbing Vitamin D naturally)  Vitamin D deficiencies are everywhere!  Every single person in my family was tested Vitamin D deficient.   . And with many of us spending more time indoors and less time absorbing sensible sunlight, the number of Vitamin D deficient individuals is on the rise.
  2. Calcium: Every female has heard it over and over, but but calcium from dairy, leafy greens and more is essential to long term bone health. Its not just for females, however, males need to  make sure they keep their calcium levels on the up and up, as well!
  3. Vitamin B12: Feeling down,  foggy, forgetful and just plain run down?  You might need to boost your B12!   You can help load up on it with chicken  fish (get those fish oils in at the same time!) and yes, even with your morning (fortified) cereal.  You might try  supplementing with a B12 spray.
  4. Magnesium: Take a lot of medications You might been missing  an important  amount of this important vitamin!   Magnesium is important to  over  300 reactions in the body imperative to immune function, heart function and energy production.  You can use a supplement like MagO7  which contains a mixture of  of Magnesium and Oxygen which helps rid your body of digestive waste to improve nutrient absorption and more.

Your Doctor can tell you more about any deficiencies that you might have with a simply blood test and help guide you to the  right ways, either diet changes and/or supplements like you can get from NHR Premium Health  to make sure that you body is getting all that it needs.  I take a few differnt supplements daily to make sure I get everything I need to give my body all the  tools to keep me going!

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