Cleaning Up For The Holidays with Goodwill

I hurt myself trying to get to the Christmas Tree.   You see, my tree is kept in the basement, where all the other stuff  that we don’t know what to do with is kept. I had to move so much stuff to get to to the tree I decided to take some to time to declutter.  I bagged up at least 7 bags of stuff that we no longer needed and too them right to Goodwill.  Not only was I able to move around and get to the tree, I was able help my community! I was able to get to the tree and get it upstairs and set  up.  It looks beautiful, and so does my newly cleared basement!

While I was at Goodwill I ran in for a minute and found a few things I knew I needed.  I saw these desktop organizers and I knew I could use them on my super cluttered desk.  I work from home and sometimes  things get tossed on my desk and soon it’s a chaotic mess. I spent a grand total of $10.00 at Goodwill to bring myself some peace!  (and that was with rounding up by .38 cents to help support their mission!) This is my desk area BEFORE.

This is what I found.  The black organizer was $5.00, and the  silver ones were $2.00!

I spent about 20 minutes sorting through papers and putting things away, then setting up my new organizers!  Look how awesome  it turned out!

A nice, clean, organized place to work!   There was much more to this than organization, however. Donating an buying at Goodwill helps our community. Did you know that 87 cents on the dollar of every purchase from a Goodwill store goes towards  local job training opportunities?  You can find your nearest Goodwill store here.  You never know what treasure  you’ll find, but you can be sure that you’re helping your local community.

Donating to local Goodwills also provides a wonderful opportunity to talk to my children about how this is a season of giving. Gifts are great, but nothing compares to the feeling of helping others. Goodwill is a great organization to support all year round because every 23 seconds of every business day, someone gets a job through the help of a local Goodwill. Local Goodwills offers job training information in person and online.

So, by clearing out my basement and organizing my desk, I help others.  That’s a great feeling!

Remember, when you shop or donate at your local Goodwill you save money and create jobs. Find a Goodwill store near you  here . The items you donate may just make someone else’s holiday a little brighter. I’d love to see your holiday haul that you’re donating to Goodwill – share a photo to your social media using the hashtag #DonateStuffCreateJobs!



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