Chocolate Fixes Everything.

Life happens.

That’s not exactly the quote, but you know what I mean.  But the truth is that LIFE does happen, and we all have stuff happen beyond our control.  What is AWESOME about that is that eventually you get to step up and take control of your  life again.   Sometimes, it’s just the small things that help you take control, but  oh ,how sweet it is when you get back in your groove.

After getting everyone healthy from the plague, I started thinking about helping us all get healthy again Healthy, as in getting our weight under control,  getting enough water in getting enough rest, and eating well again.  I have a system that has worked really well fo me in thepast,  so I decided to revisit it, but this time, with a twist.

  • Smoothie for breakfast
  • Soup and salad for lunch
  • Sensible dinner
  • A bite of something sweet for dessert.

I know following this loose menu helped me lose wight and  get healthier in the past, and I wanted to start moving again first.  I hate to say it, but being sick and nursing sick people meant I wasn’t moving nearly enough.  I was ready to start again, but with a few differences!

As a Bulletproof ambassador, I’ve been learning a lot about food and fats  and different ways to help take care of myself. I also had access to some new products, so I’ve been using them to help me.

  • Bulletproof coffee gets me going!
  • Smoothie with Upgraded Collagen Protein
  • Veggie soup and  salad with Bulletproof dressing*
  • Collagen cookie bar for a snack
  • Lean meat with lots of veggies, usually some salad
  • Chocolate for dessert

Chocolate. Let’s just stop right there so we can all thing about the  amazingness that is chocolate?

It cures all ills, makes people happy, it can pretty much change the world, RIGHT?

Now, let’s think about Chocolate that is GOOD for you!

Bulletproof coffee sent me some Chocolate Fuel bars that are, quite simply, PERFECT.  They are 70% dark, raw chocolate with some Bulletproof XCT oil for smoother energy. with no added sugar.

Be still, my heart.

Not only do they make magical chocolate, but they come in different flavors.

As much as I love chocolate, I wouldn’t eat a whole bar for dessert. That’s a bit much even for me! I decided to make some desserts that I can share with my family.  That’s how much I love them. I share (some) of my Bulletproff chocolate with them.  I thought a bit about it, and decided to  make one of my most favorite things, Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

I’ll just wait here a minute while you get a napkin to wipe your chin.  I know, they look and they ARE that good! And there is no reason to feel guilty at all while eating them!  The chocolate bars from Bulletproof  are made with  XCT oil- a quality oil that feeds your brain and helps you feel full longer.

I then decided I needed to make MORE delicious treats for the next night, but I didn’t want to use ust chocolate, so I got a little creative.  Another one of my favorite treats is  chocolate dipped shortbread.  Now, I know as much as I LOVE my Vanilla Shortbread Bites,  smothering them in chocolate might be a little bit TOO much, so I decided to mix up all my love.  I crumbled up a Vanilla Shrtbread bite, added half ro some melted chocolate and that stuff some  strawberries with that mixture.  I even dipped the melty chocolate tops into  some shortbread crumbs and  them, voila!

Who says a recipe has to be complicated to be incredible?  Not me.  This is as easy-peasy as it come. Just make sure to melt the chocolate over simmering water- do not use a microwave! Not only is it easy, but it’s something that feels like I’m being bad, when I’m being OH SO GOOD to myself.  The Bulletproof lifestyle is full of ways to take care of yourself while still eating  wonderful foods.


I am compensated as a Bulletproof ambassador , but I get to share my true and honest opinions about the fabulous stuff all on my own!



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