Chocolate Laced Fruit Kabobs

February is full of all kinds of chocolate- and as much as I’d LOVE to gobble it all up, I am trying really hard to eat healthy and have healthy choices for my family.  We went to a last minute pot luck last week,  and I was asked to bring dessert.   I looked through my cupboards, and the dessert pickings were bare-BUT I had lots of fruit- and 1/4  bag of mini chocolate chips…so I decided to make a healthier treat with a touch of sweetness –

Chocolate Laced Fruit Kabobs


Take assorted fruit, layer it  on  skewers.  Our favorites are strawberries  and blueberries!   Melt 1/4 cup chocolate chips  in a small bowl  with 1 tsp oil-about 45 seconds, and stir until smooth.  Drizzle  the kabobs  with the  melted chocolate- lay flat  on  wax paper until  chocolate is set.

My kids could NOT get enough of these kabobs –  and they were gone  WAY before the  cupcakes that  someone else brought. .  I’ve found that if I OFFER  healthy options,  most often that  will be the one they choose!

This is a quick easy treat to make that  has a great presentation! ,


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