Bullying Prevention Is More Than One Month

It’s October- and that means a lot of things. It’s Halloween, of course.  More importantly, The Walking Dead resumes. Oh, and it’s Bullying Prevention Month.

A lot of good things are going to come out this month. There are going to be some amazing things started,  many that my daughter Ally will be taking part of. I will be doing my part to share how we thing that people need to #BeBrave and help end bullying.

But one thing that bothers me SO MUCH is that while Bullying Prevention Month brings bullying to the forefront, like many things,  as soon as the hoopla is over it fades into the background. People stop talking about Bullying in November as if it only happens in October.  But, that’s  so not true. Bullying happens every single day, of every week, of every month, of ever year.bullyingpreventionmonth.jpg

Each of the following young people killed themselves due to bullying.

Only ONE of them happened in October.  I’m pretty sure the bullying didn’t just happen in October, either.   My daughters suicide attempt didn’t happen in October, and her bullying happened for years.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful that  people are now taking bullying seriously. I’m THRILLED that people are willing to talk about bullying and are talking to their kids, as well.   I just hope that people will continue to talk about bullying for the months to follow.


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