Bulletproof Collagen Bars Help Me Keep My Blood Sugars On Track.

I’m going to be honest.  It’s been pretty sucky at my house lately.  We’ve been hit with one thing after another- mostly illness. Not simple illness, either, but  a heart scare,  flu, 3 people down with pneumonia, injuries and all manner of things.  To say our New Year didn’t start well is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

I had been super excited to start off the New Year on the right foot, using  Dai Manuels  #New YearLoveYou challenge, and well, there never was a time when I was well enough to get started, or I wasn’t nursing a sick one, and heck, I was even out of Bulletproof coffee so I had even less energy and I was ready to give up.  The beginning of my New Year wasn’t going at all how I planned, and I was SO tempted to quit,  then I realized, I don’t need a New  Year for a New You.  I can start being a New Me, whenever I want!

In fact, I’m starting my quest not even in January!  I somehow managed to wrench my neck and  I can’t really exercise.  I can only do what I can.   I started by making Bulletproof coffee again each morning.  I said before how I thought that drinking coffee with butter was  weird, but it really does make a big difference.  I now am trying to start my days with a nice hot cup of creamy coffee. I know that it keep me satiated for quite a while.   If it’s one of the days we have homeschool co-op, I’ll also try to  make a green smoothie with some collegan protein powder to bring with me.  I have to smoothie with the protein to help keep my blood sugar levels on track.  Being a Type 2 Diabetic,  controlling my sugar is super hard to do when I’m sick, or stressed, and the past 6 weeks have been all that and more!

Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bars helped me  keep my blood sugar on track.

I found out how helpful these bars were when I received a box  of Fudge Brownie Collagen Protein Bars to try.

They are so CHOCOLATY and YUMMY, you will forget they are a  good for you snack!  In fact,  each Collagen Protein Bar  contains 11 grams of protein, 14 grams of fat, and 2 grams of sugar.


For a diabetic, that’s KEY.   In fact, because things have been SO crazy for us lately I have had a hard time  eating properly, so I have kept a bar in my bag at all times.  I can tell when I need to have something to eat, and most people think that you need SUGAR when you’re low. Of course, that’s true, you DO need to raise your blood glucose levels when you are low, but you also need PROTEIN  to help stabilize.  When I am feeling shaky I have  a small glass of orange juice, and a Collagen Protein Bar, and I’m good!  It’s saved me a few times.  I am excited to see that there are also other options, such as Vanilla Shortbread and Lemon Cookie.

Before I had tried Bulletproof products, I would have just muddled along and I know that I wouldn’t have been taking as much care of my health because to be honest, taking care of everyone else left me for last. But living a Bulletproof lifestyle, or as much of one that I can embrace right now makes it easier for me to take care of myself.  There are many products, like  Collagen Protein Powder   that helps keep me going and helps keep my blood sugar stable when I add it to a fruit or green smoothie.

What I struggled with is trying to find perfection- starting on Jan 1, or having each day be perfect, but the truth is, LIFE isn’t perfect and it’s OKAY to  take things as they happen, as long as you have some tools to help you.  Bulletproof is the tool I keep on my kitchen counter, and in my bag, to help keep me going and healthy.



I am a compensated as a Bulletproof Ambassador to share my true and honest opinions about the Bulletproof products.

 The fact that I love them is  true and honest!:)



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