Be Brave And Help End Bullying Tip 12

Today is day 12 for tips to #BeMoreThanABystander and stand up to bullying.

Be Brave & End Bullying tip 12

Every parent thinks that they  would know if their child was being bullied. They’d CERTAINLY know if their child was suicidal. Any good parent would, right?  WRONG.  I didn’t. I knew she was being picked on, sure, but I had no idea it was so bad that she wanted to die.  I was a stay at home mom who was vice president of the PTA and I had no idea.  Knowing your child can help you know when things are going badly, and how to help.

  • Is your child usually with a pack or friends, and is now alone?
  • Does your child fight going to school, or are they frequently “sick” with illness that you can’t prove?
  • Is your child clingy, sad, or mad a lot?
  • Is your child no longer doing activities they used to love?
  • Is your child refusing to ride the bus, when he previously no no problem with it?
  • Is something just “off” with your child?

Don’t chalk it up to just kids being kids, but really delved a little deeper to see how you can help. Sometimes they ask for help, without really asking for it.

Knowing your child would also mean knowing if they were bulling other. I’d have personal experience with other parents who refuse to believe that their child could be part of the problem.  When one parent comes to you telling you your child is bullying, you must take it seriously. No child is immune to bullying, and perhaps they don’t even realize that they bullying someone else. It’s your responsibly as a parent to take the thought that you child COULD be bullying, seriously. Should parents of bullies be held legally responsible for their children’s action? Maybe, maybe not, but they should be held responsible as a parent to address.

The bottom line is that you really should know your child. Whether he or she is a bully, or is being bullied are both situations in which you need to step in and take action.


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