Be Brave and End Bullying Tip 23

Today’s tip, Tip 23,  is important for parents to remember.

Be Brave and End bullying tip 23

We all love our kids.  But loving your children shouldn’t make you blind to their faults. We ALL have faults and make mistakes and as parents it’s our job to teach out kids to learn from their mistake and help them from making bad choices.   I’ve come across this a few times with my own children: parents who refuse to see that their child is a bully.  I am not sure if I think that parents should legally be responsible for their child’s bullying, but they certainly should socially be held accountable!  When you make all kinds of excuses for your child’s behaviors, you are teaching him that it’s ok for HIM to be mean and a bullying.  Think about it, will those life choices make him a responsible adult, or the type of person that will bully his way through adulthood?  I know that personally, it’s more important to me to have my children be good people, than to be a popular kid. I don’t make excuses for my children.  If my child did something wrong, I have always expected him to accept responsibility and do whatever he had to do to fix it, including apologizing. I am not a bully, and I will not allow my children to be bullies, either.


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