The Best Plans

I have been busily writing blogs posts all of September- unfortunately, they have all been in my head.  September was supposed to be a time for me to rekindle my fitness fire- to get back on the horse- to be moving and shaking.  I had PLANS, people , best plans on what I was going to do and how I was going to do it. I made LISTS.


Well, you know what they say about best laid plans?  They go to waste.

My much adored Mother-in-law, Grani Frani, fell and shattered her ankle on the last Friday in August.   The poor thing had surgery and then had some complications- long story short- she’s now in Rehab at a beautiful nursing home near her house getting all the therapy she needs to come home and be safe.  I’ll tell you the story of  how I talked an Italian Momma into doing something she didn’t want to do later.  I think I may still be getting the evil eye somewhere.   (Just kidding.  Kind of)

Let’s add in our much adored Hoppy Poppy- who is  disabled and unable to do much, if anything, by himself. Pop has  advanced Parkinson’s, COPD, Spinal Stenosis,kidney failure, blown out knees and a few other things going, including trips to dialysis 3 times a week.   Now that Grani Frani is out of the picture, we kids (Dave and I, and my SIL and BIL) have all kicked into HELP THE PARENTS GEAR and have been running in circles taking care of them.  In some ways, it’s a lot of hurry-up-and wait kinda stuff.

Instead of losing weight, I’m gaining.  My last weigh in was 267.6.  That’s a 2 pound GAIN since 7/31.  I’ll own it.  I know what kind of stress eating I’ve been doing and the LACK of exercise I haven’t been doing.  We are spending lots of time in New York taking care of the parents, and  that will be the  way of things for months.  They both need a lot more help than what we thought they needed.  That means I need to find a way to make my new reality work.  Thank goodness they live in my old hometown where I know lots of people- and it’s a WALKABLE town- lots of sidewalks- so it comes down to just making plans and  following through.   Eating might be more difficult- we did lots of eating out but I can change that, as well.

I’m borrowing a phrase from Roni (A blogger who has been INSTRMENTAL in keeping me at least interested if not motivated getting healthy) and doing a great big BRAIN DUMP of stuff that’s been going on- but I think I’ll use photos:


  • broken leg with 8 screw and some plates, and a HUGE heavy cast.
  • my boy’s first 6th grade dance.  He’s getting so big! yeah,.he danced. He’s my boy! (but he dances like his Dad, poor thing)
  • finally, a bottle glass of wine at my own house.
  • that’s my truck, being towed after my brakes failed on the highway. (SCARY!!!! but at least the brake lines didn’t snap on the way DOWN the mountain!)
  • my boy riding his new Razor scooter we won from Whole Foods Danbury.
  • selfie of my being a Birthday Princess  on my 43rd Birthday in the car being photobombed by Ally.
  • a crazy scary looking cicada, thank God DEAD on the sidewalk that my son threw at me, which made me run, screaming back to my in-laws house. And I didn’t talk to him for like 3 hours.
  • Breakfast at Panera Bread with my sidekick.  I ate OATMEAL, people, not the Cinnamon Crunch bagel toasted with hazelnut cream cheese like I wanted. I was GOOD.
  • 3/4ths of the grand-kids with Grani Frani.  They fought over who got to push her chair, and she wasn’t even afraid. I’d have been petrified. I think there was only one crash.
  • a perfect cupcake. I ate it.
  • an even more perfect espresso martini. I drank 2.
  • Trooper Marion Coley who saved us from the huge 18 wheelers speeding down the highway I got to ride in his car!
  • my birthday cake!  I turned 43 on September 7th. I swear I’m still 37.  43 is the new 33.
  • a freaky, scary clown on the sidewalk in New York. We turned around rather than walk by him.
  • Aedan helping Hoppy Poppy out with some things I think it involved bb guns and spray paint. Those two are TROUBLE together.  They are the Jazzy escape crew. Gotta keep an eye on ’em.
  • my weigh in today. just a number—that is all.

There has been a lot of stress, for sure,  (Oh!  Forgot to mention my 7 foster kittens have FLEAS!) but there are just as many blessings, as well. That deserves its own post.   I’m co-hosting a $300 Visa Gift Card Giveway for September- come enter and maybe you’ll win!


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