Be Brave and End Bullying Tip 9


Do you know your child’s Twitter handle?  How about their kik, or instagram?  Tumblr, Snapchat, Vine, YikYak,  Would you know if they we being bullied on one of them?   And  would you know how to help keep your kids safe on social media?

Here’s a few tips from HelpGuide:

  • Monitor: Keep the computer in a busy area of your house so you can easily monitor its use, rather than allowing your child use a laptop or tablet in his or her bedroom, for example.
  • Limit: Limit data access to your child’s smart phone if he or she uses it to surf the web. Some wireless providers allow you to turn off text messaging services during certain hours.
  • Filter: Set up filters on your child’s computer. Tracking software can block inappropriate web content and help you check up on your child’s online activities.
  • Passwords: Insist on knowing your child’s passwords and learn the common acronyms kids use online and in text messages.
  • People: Know who your child communicates with online. Go over your child’s address book and instant messenger “buddy list” with them. Ask who each person is and how your child knows them.
  • Talk: Encourage your child to tell you or another trusted adult if they receive threatening messages or are otherwise targeted by cyberbullies, while reassuring them that doing so will not result in their loss of computer or cell phone privileges.
  • You should stay aware of the most common and popular aps that kids would most likely be on and be sure you know how to help keep kids safe on social media.Don’t forget to subscribe to keep up to date on all our tips!


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