A Note to Gym Rats

Not to all of you, but you know who you are.  I HEARD you, you know.  Your comments about how “You can’t wait for all the  New Years People” to leave – and all the complaints about how CROWDED the classes are, and how there weren’t enough bikes in Spinning and how you had to *gasp* WAIT for a treadmill.  I saw the dirty looks when I took my turn on the machine, and took the weights, and the Bosu ball, and we ALL heard you freaking  out about how someone took YOUR locker in the locker room. We know how annoyed you are that it wasn’t possible for you and little cliquey friends to sit together or side by side as you workout and and gossip and make plans for lunch afterwards.   I have something to say to you.

Grow the hell up.

The gym isn’t here JUST FOR YOU. Yes, many, many new people join gyms and  start new  fitness journeys in January.  It’s the time for fresh starts and boy, does the fitness industry market to them.  I’m fully aware that only about 30% of these new signers stay on at the gym after February or March. Did you ever stop to think that maybe people like YOU are the reason they quit and give up?  Maybe, just maybe, your attitude of entitlement at the gym gives them pause. Maybe your snarky comments and whispers and lack of support  help make the decision to stop going to the gym easier.

Here’s a little secret:

Your sweat isn’t worth more than anyone else’s.

How about instead of complaining  about the lack of space, smile and move over a few inches? How about instead of bitching about the lack of Spinning bikes, take a turn on the elliptical  until one opens up?  Or the treadmill, or whatever machine is open. And if nothing is open, drop and do some crunches or planks or whatever. How about offering support instead of  disdain?

You were new once. It doesn’t matter the month. You were once a newbie.  Did you heart race?   Were you scared?  Did you cry the first time you were in a class?   I did, and what made it easier for me to come back was  the girl sitting next to me showing me the ropes, encouraging me to keep going, and she looked right at me and said, “I’ll see you  on Wednesday, right?”  And I was there.

This isn’t something that happened to me recently but I’ve had it happed to me in the past,and I’ve been hearing more and more chatter from people who are annoyed by the new people, both in message boards I belong to, and experiences of friends of mine. And I’m calling it:  BULLSHIT!


I promise this to every Newbie I see: if I am anywhere near where you are, and I see that you might be lost, or confused, or scared. I will smile and offer you my seat, my space, my help, my advice, and I’ll be sure to ask you if you will be at the next class.  And I’ll meet you there.





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