A New Week!

I’ve such and eventful, yet uneventful week (how is that possible??) with the kids home a few days,  a big formal dance to go to,  a new nutritionist to learn, an awesome Rock Star Weight Loss Warrior Group Circuit training session, a new hairstyle, (got me some BLOND!!) and a crazy sleepover with basically our ENTIRE cheer team over for a sleepover/pizza party.  Yes, I am insane, and  had 18 girls over.  Teenage girls.  Need I say more?

I ate well ALL week.  I still struggle with eating enough, but I’m learning some tips and tricks.  I did NOT drink enough water this week, although I am SUPER proud to say that I have not had a soda at all since I gave it up a month ago. It’s been water, or coffee (only a cup in the morning) and green tea.

My proudest moment this week was at a formal dance we had for our cheer/football league.  I wore a dress that I couldn’t wear  for a while- but it fit me, and fit WELL this week! blogg22 WHOO –HOO!  I had mentally given myself permission to indulge at this party. I did a circuit training that morning, and planned on attending a spin class Sunday morning to make up whatever I ate or drank.  But I totally ROCKED out with my eating and drinking!  I had 1 glass of wine.. and then switched to  seltzer.  Dinner was a buffet, so I loaded up on salad, steamed veggies, a slice of roast beef, a touch of chicken marsala, and a dab of mashed potatoes.  I was totally satisfied with my dinner. When dessert came out, I had one cookie. Then I carried on with my favorite thing of the evening: DANCING.


I danced my BUTT OFF!  I wished I had my heart rate monitor on to see how many calories I burned, but it clashed with my dress!    I danced until my hair was wet, I was breathless, my shoes were long gone, and I had A BALL! Even at the after party (for there is ALWAYS an after party!) I had one vodka seltzer, then resumed dancing.  I danced so much my HIPS hurt! DSC_0006_3560

Even with all that dancing, I DID NOT make it to the gym enough this week.  I had sick kids home Thursday and Friday, and just couldn’t get there.  I felt horrible about it, and was a little scared I had was losing my momentum.  I know how easily that motivation can be lost.

I made sure I got up early on Saturday and got to the gym to get my exercise Mojo on.  I forgot the kids didn’t have school on Monday, so I missed spin again, but I’ll be packing them up shortly and having them got for a hike with me.  We even had our cheer squad over for a a pizza party and sleepover, and  I ate/fed them healthy foods, including homemade whole what pancakes with flax seed oil this morning, with fresh strawberries.

Tomorrow is an important weigh in.  Not only are we doing pounds, but we are doing INCHES.  I can’t wait to see what the results are.

I feel like this week was a total VICTORY for me even though I  was disappointed in my scale numbers this week, I didn’t let it derail me. I can tell my mindset if different,  I’m automatically making smarter choices.DSC_0059_3613 I MISSED it when I wasn’t at the gym. I reaffirmed that I am excited and committed to this program, and yes,I am even enjoying it!  Oh, yeah, that’s me, FISTPUMP!


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