A Letter to My Scale

Dear Scale,

This is not working for me.  Our relationship just ISN”T working for me.  Sometimes when I see you I’m excited, but to be honest, most of the time, it’s nothing but a big pit of dread when you’re around. I’d say we have a love/hate relationship, but to be fair, it’s more or a Hate/hate-less-than-last-time relationship. it’s not healthy, and the bottom line is it’s not good for me.

So I’m breaking up with you.

This morning I woke up to a little  ball of despair in the pit of my stomach knowing it was weight in day.   I also knew how my week had gone,and I knew that like a bad date with too much drinking, it was going to leave a NASTY taste in my mouth.

And it did.


I need to let you know that it’s not you, It’s me. Really, it is.  You can’t help being the way you are, spitting out numbers that I just don’t want to hear. It’s me, thinking I can go ahead and eat that ice cream after tennis, or maybe forgetting to get in all my steps.  I really had hoped that you would give me a big break this week since I had a sick kid and couldn’t didn’t work out.  I should have known better. And after a week of hellishly  HOT days a few mixed drinks totally hit the spot, but somehow, drinking all the water I needed to drink didn’t happen. I snuck in a few extra brownies, forgot to pay attention to portion size, and well, things happened. I didn’t mean for them to happen, they just did.

Oh, and Aunt Flo, -that bitch- decided SHE wanted to show up, and she brought some chocolate and salty pretzels with her. YOU tag team with her and those numbers (seriously, 5 stinkin’ pounds in like 3 weeks?) would usually throw me into a tailspin of what-the-hell- what’s one more and I’d be totally off track. I start believing my self worth is totally dependent on you.

Not this time, dude.

I’m taking care of me and how awesome I am without worrying about you. I am going to concentrate on some more gym time,and eating cleaner, getting my steps in and oh, yeah, that water. I’m gonna gauge myself with my clothes and all the joy I’m getting from taking care of myself and doing what’s right, and then we will see about maybe seeing each other again. 

But only as friends.  We can’t go out anymore, but we can be friends. Really, friends! I think that one day you and I may stand a chance of a healthy relationship, but now is not the time  So, I’m taking a little break from you and take care of myself for now.


Don’t cry. I’m not. It’s better this way.

Goodbye for now,



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