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This week has FLOWN by and I barely have a second to sit.   So rather than NOT post, I decided to  have a “cup of coffee” with you guys for a quick look at what I’m up to! My friend Carla of MizFiTOnline did one, and it was perfect!  Thanks for the idea,  Carla!

kidspartyWe had a crazy teenage high school party at our house this weekend. It was SO MUCH FUN, and it exhausted us. It especially exhausted our daughter who has spent  almost a year dealing with Lyme disease, Irritable Bowel Disease and Functional Abdominal Pain. In fact, the  stress of the party had her home sick, so instead of the gym, I was home working out with FitnessGlo.   I still got my workout in!  I love this online workout video tool- it’s really much more than that, so much I’m hosting a giveaway- Go check it out!



prattI got to go on a field trip with my son to  the Pratt Center, a local nature center where the kids released Trout Fry they raised from eggs. That was pretty neat, but in addition, we went on a pretend trip on the Oregon Trail.  We check out gardens, made a pit stop to California where we panned for gold,  got to experience chores as pioneer kids,  made candles,  planted a “3 sisters” garden, and sang campfire songs.  My darling Clementine is actually pretty disturbing, if you really look at the lyrics. Of course I had on my Fitbit but- it wasn’t ON!  I’m guessing  I got in at least 10,000 steps.


I’ve joined in on a 60 mile challenge with some Facebook Friends. I need to make sure I walk 60 miles in June.  As of today, I have 22 down!

My son’s been having MAJOR asthma issues lately, and  he needed to take Singulair.  Some people experience side effects that cause mood changes and irritably, and my boy was one.  I can’t wait till he’s off of them this week. Do you worry about side efects of medications that your kids HAVE to take?

Lately I’ve been having some weird hip and joint pain. My heel has been killing me as well, so  I thought it might be planter fasciitis.  I’m trying to  stretch out my hips with yoga and movement, and had a massage,  but it still bothers me.  Have you ever had hip and joint pain?

And, even though the weather has been crazy in Connecticut, I had this sunset off my deck last week.   It put the whole week into perspective!



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How was your week?

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