#64ozchallenge: The Drink Your Water Challenge {May 2014}


It’s TIME!   It’s finally STOPPED SNOWING here in Connecticut and it’s time to get back to living healthy.   I haven’t been doing so well with it at all lately (Check in on Wednesday to hear about it) but I’m pretty lucky  to have a bunch of friends who are there to help and support me. My friend Pepper from PepperScraps  asked me if I was drinking enough water, and BAM!  Another  #64Ozchallenge was born! I know staying hydrated is KEY and I wasn’t doing it, but a challenge like this would help! I love that we become a group of people encouraging each other!

Time for the first #64ozchallenge of 2014! Spring is a great time to restart your healthy resolutions and goals. The sun is out your energy is being revived by the vitamin D and your starting to think about tank tops and shorts. Water will help you with an energy boost, appetite control, and just make you feel great. So join us for our 2 week challenge!

Pepper from Pepper Scraps is co-hosting again so make sure and stop by and say hi to her too!

What is the #64ozchallenge Challenge?

The challenge is to drink 64 ounces every day. This time around we will be doing a 2 week challenge, starting Monday, May 1st!

What others have said about the #64ozchallenge?

I hope this 64 oz is more of a habit now. I feel that I should even increase it. But then I’d live in the bathroom lol I feel great. This is the 1st time I’ve stuck to a h2o challenge this long. – @Chasing_Joy

[W]ith the heat, it has not only been healthy, but life saving. My allergies are a lot better too! – @dishwaterdreams

What if I Don’t Get My 64 Ounces One Day?

Just keep going missing out on a couple glasses one day does not mean you are not still working at building your habit. Just start again the next day.

Let’s Encourage Each Other!

With Twitter:

  • Check in throughout your day using the hash tag #64ozchallenge
  • Tweet your progress during the day
  • Help encourage each other
  • We will be tweeting random check ins so make sure and follow Pepper & me (@weightsover@unicornbeauty)!

With Facebook:

  • Find fun water facts each day
  • Official daily check ins
  • Encouraging quotes and photos
  • Reminders throughout the day

Please Share the Challenge with Others

Feel free and download the banner above. Or use the button below and link it back to this page! The more who join the more fun it will be. Invite your friends so they can help you stay accountable!


Free Printable Tracking Sheet

If you would like a nice tracking sheet Pepper created this PDF for you to print!

Water Challenge Printable 

So Are You Ready for the Challenge?

To participate:

1) Sign up in the linky below with your twitter @username and twitter url, if you don’t have twitter feel free and use your name and another URL

2) Tweet  “Just joined the #64ozchallenge with @unicornbeauty & @weightsover! Come join me! Drink Your Water Challenge http://wp.me/p1tkBx-25N”

3) Like Pepper Scraps & The Weight is Over on Facebook

4) Print out the Water Challenge Tracker (Optional)
Meet Pepper!

Pepper  decided to make a life change for her family, ended up losing over 80 lbs and now want to inspire others to do the same!   Her life motto and she hopes that it will be yours too. Together we can change our families making them healthier and happier. As mother’s if  we take the time to work on making ourselves healthier our families will become healthier.  She knows this by personal experience. January 2011 she made the decision to lose weight. Her main focus was to stay up with her two very active preschool boys. But as she saw the results in her health and saw her boys start getting active with her, she realized she was changing HER life and her boys.


I really hope you’ll join in our water challenge!  Head over to Pepper’s  post to  join in on our linky!




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