5K the Family Way!


This weekend was the Mamavation Virtual 5K.  Mamavation sistas allover the country joined in at their own tme, at their own pace, and participated in a 5Kto celebrate Mamavations 3rd anniversary. I rallied a group of friends and my family and we took on our own 5K at a local park!


I love that my friends came to join in with me, but I particularly love that my whole family took part in the 5K with me in whichever ways they could.  Ally kept pace with me the entire time- step for step- making her own choices about getting healthy.  Aedan took turns between running with us, and  running back to be with Dave- and  I was proud of him for  making sure that we were all ok and doing out best. Most of all, I think I am proud of my husband, Dave. Dave has a heart condition called HCM that causes him some grief. He’s supposed to get exercise, but only sometimes. Then,  getting exercise can cause chest pains that mimic other things, scaring the heck out of me (and him). He has been making a lot of progress with small changes and steps. In other words, my family saw the steps I was making and they helped change ALL of our lives.  These are changes I most likely would have given up on without Mamavation.

What’s Mamavation?  Mamavation is the the online sorority that I belong to where I am SURROUNDED by “sistas’ who, like me, are at some point of  their weight loss journey.  The run on the premise of If Moms, get healthy, the whole family will be getting healthier. They chose and supported me  in my tenure as a Mamavation Mom,  participating in a 7 week online weight loss boot camp where I lost over 20 pound and 24 inches.

To say Mamavation has helped me change my life is a HUGE understatement.  In the nearly 10 months I’ve been part of it, I’ve made such HUGE strides in my life. I know that I would not have been nearly as successful without it.  Look at the difference in me!



Happy anniversary, Mamamvation!

Have you made changes in YOUR life that have helped your family become more healthy?  What are those changes?

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