5 Ways to Help Your Bullied Child Go Back To School

Many kids are excited to go back to school after  summer break. But if your child has been bullied before in the past, returning to school can be very stressful.  Here are  5 ways  to help your bullied child go back to school.

bullied backtoschool

  1. Remind The School – Most school administrators are back to school weeks, if not months before school starts.  Send an email to the Principal, ccing the Vice-principal and guidance counselors reminding them of the issues your child had last year with bullying.  You can request that certain kids not be in the same class as your child. You can also remind them of any plans that you had put in place to help your child last year. Make sure that they know you are committed to having your child have a bully free school year.
  2. Contact The Teacher– as soon as you know which teacher(s) your child has, send an email explaining that your child was bullied in the past and is very nervous about the possibility of it happening again this year. Now is the time to enlist their help, in the beginning, sp that they can be aware of the difficulties  your child had in the past, and  they can  be aware of things to look out this year. Make sure that the  teachers know your appreciate their help, and that you  are  looking to partner with them to help you child have a successful year.
  3. Set Up a Safe Adult For Your Child–  Set up a safe adult- a teacher, principal, nurse or guidance counselor for your child to go to if they are feel like they are being bullied or need help.  Sometimes just knowing they have a safe space is enough to alleviate stress!
  4. Make Their Classroom a Safe Place– If for some reason a child that has bullied your child ends up in the same classroom,  be prepared to move your child to another classroom. Assuring your child that they will have a bully free classroom will go a long way to setting up for child for a successful year.
  5. Encourage Old and New Friendships– Reach out to parents and friends from last year, and especially to any new kids that you know of  this year! Having a friend in the class goes a LONG way to having a great year!

Starting school can be stressful enough without worrying about ANOOTHER bullying year.  Help your child start and have the best year ever with no bullying!


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