5 Tips to Fit Fitness Into Your Life

I am taking part of Fitness Cheerleaders March Healthy Living/Fitness Blogging Challenge, and today’s question is:

5 Tips to Fit Fitness Into Your Life


  1. Plan menu and food and PREP, while you’re at it!  When you know what you’re eating and it’s prepped  for you, then making smart choices is easy to do!
  2. I fill containers with water for the day so I can be sure to get it all in. Otherwise, I forget to hydrate.
  3. When I get dressed right away, and put on sneakers it encourages me to get moving!
  4. I may not always get to the gym, but then I make my DAY  become a workout. Walk when I can, running errands. If  can’t walk TO the stores, I will park as far away as possible and take the long way to the store. Carry heavy bags one at a time,  carry the laundry across the house one room at a time.
  5. Wear a step counter. I will usually work to make sure I get in a set number of steps in. I use a Fitbit- and you can friend me at WendyDelmo!

These are just a few things I try to do-What do you do to get some fitness into your day?


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