30 Day Mental Health Challenge- Day 8

I’m not going to lie, this isn’t the post I had planned to write today for our Mental Health Challenge. But  yesterday I found out that my father had been taken away in an ambulance  early in the morning, and I spent a while tracking him down.   I finally figured out where he was after calling  numerous hospitals and didn’t get to speak with him until nearly 8:00. When I did, he was exhausted and in a lot of pain.  He’s going to be okay, he has an infection that was making him super sick and caused a lot of problems but there is still something terrible about not being able to be there, and help him   I felt utterly helpless and scared last night. I’m not ashamed to say that I cried myself to sleep. That’s today’s tip:

30 Day Mental Health Challenge

Give Yourself Permission To Cry

When things get overwhelming  you  have to have a way to release the pressure.  I rarely cry, but sometimes it’s the only thing that will help me get over a hump.   Even with the red eyes and headache that accompany the cry fest,  afterwards I usually feel so much better. There is a reason for that.  According to Healthline,  having a good cry is actually beneficial.   It can detoxify the body, help self-soothe, dulls pain, improves mood, rallies support, helps you recover from grief, and restores emotional balance, among other things.

Many times people thing that crying is a symptom of weakness.  I personally do no think  it is.  I think it tales a very strong person to be able to let go and cry and get things out of their system.  Now,  there are times when crying a lot can be a symptom  of something else, and if you have been crying a lot and aren’t able to feel better, than its always  a good idea to reach out for help from a friend or your doctor.

Trust me,  a good cry can make a bad day better.  I got up this morning ready to get on the phone and help my Daddy however I could!


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