30 Day Mental Health Challenge – Day 5

Let’s face it, sometimes life get crazy.  Every time I think things are going to calm down, they seem to get more hectic!  I often struggle to keep up, and often my house seems to be the last thing on my list that I take care of!   I’ll admit that I let clutter and “Stuff” pile up and  then I become overwhelmed.   Today’s Mental Health Challenge is all about  decluttering- starting with a small space!

30 Day Mental Health Challenge Day 5

Declutter your Desk or Counters

There have been studies that say that clutter don’t just gum up your house, but  it can effect your mind, as well!  In fact, according to Psychology Today, Clutter can lead to  Low subjective well-being,  unhealthier eating, poorer mental health, less efficient visual processing, and less efficient thinking.    That may all well be true, but I can say when my office is cluttered up, it’s very hard for me to get work done.  Inb fact, before I started writing the 30 Day Mental Health Challenge, I had to cluttered my office.    Here’s a before and after:

I can’t begin to say what  big difference it has made!  Just being in a clean, uncluttered space makes writing so much easier.  The truth is that  when my desk or kitchen counters are full of crap,  it’s hard for me to get stuff done.   So today we should all take a few minutes to  declutter at least part of  your desks or kitchen counters.  It doesn’t require a full day of cleaning, set yourself a goal, say one  surface and get that done. The trick is to  not just put the stuff somewhere else, but  put it where it belongs, or of it doesn’t belong in your house, then  to get rid of it. I know how hard it is, sometimes, to get rid of stuff, but if its not something you love or need, then it’s just stuff.

Remember to just  do a little bit at a time so you won’t get overwhelmed. I take part in a challenge in  the spring called 40 Bags in 40 days and when I am done with the 40 days, I feel SO much better about my house and myself!

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