30 Day Mental Health Challenge- Day 3

Want to know something that  always makes me feel amazing?  Getting a random text or message from someone sending me some encouragement! The few times I’ve received a message with some random kindness, it has made my day.  Want to know what made me feel JUST as Happy?  SENDING random notes to others!  Today’s Mental Health Challenge tip is pretty easy:

30 Day Mental Health Challenge Day 3

Send 5 People An Encouraging Text or Message

Its a lot easier than it sounds!    Just shoot a quick note saying, “Hey!  I’m thinking about you!  I miss your great smile!” or  “Just want you to know that I’m proud of you!”   or even something as simple as “You are loved”.    It doesn’t have to be long and involved, but it can be. It is up to you!   How do you pick 5 people?  For me, I usually  see someone having a bit of a down day or being unhappy on social media, and shoot them a quick IM  to tweet. I also  try to send something to someone that I’ve been thinking about, but haven’t been able to connect with.   I started doing this even before the Mental Health Challenge, and it’s begun to be a habit with me, and I LOVE that  when I’m feeling down, shooting out a message to others helps me feel better.  Weird how that happens, right?

If you don’t text, then you sure can use Facebook, Twitter, or another type of social media.  Or, you can send an ACTUAL LETTER or NOTE!  Is there anything more exciting than getting something in the mail that is something fun?  Even postcards (remember them?)  can be super easy to send out!  Think about Holiday cards and how fun it is to get them– now imaging getting something “just because”    I, personality love sending Holiday cards, as well, so  I get a lot joy jotting off a note and sending it out.

You don’t have to make it a daily habit, but I’m just saying that I try to do one a day recently, and it makes my day much brighter!


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