30 Day Mental Health Challenge – Day 1

Why do I need a 30 Day Mental Health Challenge?   Because Halloween is over, the last trick- or treater has come and gone,  and now it’s all about THE HOLIDAYS!  It’s time for the love, joy and cheer that is associated with them. You  know, good will and love towards all!   All except ourselves, that is.

The Holidays can also be  a time that is full of angst, anger, sadness, anxiety, depression and exhaustion.  We get so busy taking care of other and  making sure that the magic is happening that we forget someone VERY important.


I have found myself floundering lately.  I felt myself slipping back into depression and it worried me.   Usually I can handle extra “crazy” that happens in  my life with aplomb, but  this year,  little things are setting me off. Maybe it’s hormones (hell, 48, and peri-menopause) , maybe it’s my kids growing up,  maybe it the financial strain we’ve been under or health issues, but  I’m not liking the way I’ve been feeling mentally. What did I decide to do?  Throw something else on my plate!   But this is a good thing, I promise!  I’m starting a 30 day Mental Health Challenge to help me (and hopefully, you too) get on the track of taking care of ourselves.

I found a few lists of  things to do to help me focus on my own mental health, and I’m going to do one a day.  I even started a FaceBook Group to help with  community and accountability, because let’s face it, it’s so easy to put ourselves on the back burner.

So, it’s November 1st, and it’s Day 1!  What’s the first challenge?

30 Day Mental Health Challenge:


I know it’s hard– I struggle with this as well.  There is laundry piled up,  I have  some schoolwork to assign my son,  I have no clue of what I am making for dinner, in addition to struggling to launch a new site. My husband has been patiently waiting for me to clean out his side of the garage that I piled up with crap so that he can park there again, and  about 10 other things I should be doing, but I’m not.  For this time, I’m  giving myself permission to do something just for me.   Sometimes it’ll be 10 minutes, sometimes it’ll be hours, but I’m telling myself it’s absolutely ok to do something for just ME.  Today, take the time to tell yourself that you absolutely can and should make yourself a priority for at least 15 minutes a day, if not more! even a cup of tea by yourself in peace could be a great start!

I guess what it boils down to in my mind is give yourself permission to be as important to yourself as other people and things are.    It’s not as easy as it sounds, but I’m going  to do this every day for  30 days in addition to other things.  I’m going to use it  to bring back my peace.

How  would  you prioritize YOURSELF for a bit every day?

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